Monday, March 5, 2012

Good Old Fashion Competition

The healthiest competition occurs when average people put in above average effort.
-Colin Powell

Who is up for a little competition??

This week, I had a friend (Dan. Hello, Dan!) suggest a little friendly competition. He said that he needed a push to get back into workout mode. "So why not have everyone pay $10, say 10 people, and compete for the money? I'd workout for $100."

Who wouldn't?!?

Now comes the real issue- How to gauge who the winner will be.

Now, some of you might be farther away from your target weight. Some of you might have been trying for months and months and finding yourself stuck in a rut. Some of you might be thinking "How could this be fair? Especially if its open to men and women alike?"

I had the same thoughts. I also have a small issue with the fact that some of us are closer to our goal weights than others. I, for one, am a mere 6 pounds away from the 130 I so long to weigh. (However, for the sake of a good competition, I'd be willing to weigh 126)


Anyhow- the whole point of my ramble is this: Who would want to be a part of this weight loss competition? What are your suggestions on making it fair? How much would you be willing to put in the "pot", if that is how you would like to do it at all?

Let me know what you all think, as well as your progress this week!

Happy healthy habits!