Saturday, November 19, 2011

Reader Spotlight: Beth Siegl

This week, I realized that I lost another 1.2 pounds!!!

But enough about me- This week is all about Beth Siegl, the adorable Psychology major from Cedar Falls. When I asked her to be the main topic of my Reader Spotlight special, she was so excited to be a part of this!

What's your favorite way to burn off those calories? What workout works best for your schedule? In your opinion, what is the fastest way to burn calories?
I really need to switch things up because I get bored SO easily. but Jillian Michaels knows how to kick a girls ass... i'm becoming a collector of her dvd's. 
I've also been finding it so much easier to run lately. I started out by setting simple goals like.. half a mile. and pretty soon it was easy to push myself up. According to sources (like my best friend who's always been a cross country runner with an amazing body) running is the easiest way to go.

What's the food you CANNOT say no to? What is your favorite healthy food?
My weakness? chocolate. anything chocolate covered, or with a hint of chocolate....
My favorite health food..... yogurt. Dr. Oz said he eats a bowl of cereal and a yogurt for breakfast everyday, so i started and I'm in love with it now. 

What's your fitness goal?
My fitness goal is to stay between 110-115. and to continue to be able to run, and stretch my limits farther (I'm at 3 miles now)

Who are the people/person that help you work toward your goal?
I've tried a lot of different things and it seems like the bottom line is that I have to motivate myself. This changes on the day. Sometimes I make myself look at pictures of girls I wish I looked like, and sometimes its a pep-talk. But the bottom line is, it's super easy to talk myself out of working out, or out of pushing myself, So I make a conscious effort to be into it.

How do you plan on staying focused as we enter the holiday season? What advice do you have for all the other ladies (and maybe gents) trying to lose weight?I'm hoping (key word hope) to be able to stay motivated, maybe work out a little more than usual, and try to keep my eating down. but I guess for me the bottom line is (and this is also advice) that I'm working out specifically to improve my body, but also because it's good for me, and for a million other reasons. I do my very best to love myself (even if its not all of me) no matter what. So I guess for the holidays, i'm going to do my darndest but not sweat it too much if i end up over eating, It just means i should add an extra work out 

And that's all about Beth and her dieting! I really hope she inspired you with your dieting like she's helped me out. Happy dieting and remember- over eating on Thanksgiving happens. You don't need to punish yourself, just remember that you'll need to put in a little extra work the week after. :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011



I have officially lost 3 pounds! Only 6 more to go!!!

This is a good feeling to have- especially after being called "Thick" by an African American gentleman on the street this past Saturday. (First, let me just say... Who walks past a perfect stranger and says "Damn, girl. You THICK."??? Apparently this man...)

Back to my accomplishment...

I attribute my success to smaller portions at smaller intervals. (Haven't we all heard this?)

After my terrible weekend of tailgating, I knew that I had to make up for it. I have decided to cut out all alcohol for awhile. Who needs all of that extra sugar and those nasty calories?


We have a new Partner in Dieting!!!

Say "Hello" to Mel! Mel is a student at ISU and is one heck of a dancer. She lives with her roommate, Jaymie, and their two cats. (Two cats that are quite skittish...) Let's give some encouragement to our newest blog follower!!

6 POUNDS LEFT. Wish me luck, ladies!!