Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Troubles

Hey there ladies and men!
I know- you all think I've been slacking, but I can tell you that I have been working my little booty off (quite literally.) I would have been blogging but, unfortunately, my older sister had a little accident with a glass of water and my computer took the brunt of it.
Computer down or not, I have been going to the gym every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday morning with my dear mama (with a few occasional exceptions), and some of the teachers at her school. So far, we've been doing Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30. That's what I was doing over a month ago, but so far I've been seeing results and I would like to see what else I can get from it.
Since I began Ripped in 30, I've seen a drastic decrease in my waist. I still have a little bit to go on my stomach, but my thighs and (oddly) ankles have also slimmed down and its just a matter of getting in some cardio. After not running for so long, I won't lie- cardio kind of kicks my butt.
The plan is to start running in the school gym in the morning, directly after my workout with Jillian. (Still can't stand her.) Hopefully that will get this pouch to slim down because this girl is getting sick of having it.
How is everyone doing when it comes to snacking on all of those yummy holiday goodies?? I have so far been able to ignore the platefuls of cookies, brownies, and toffee. I'm unsure how much longer my self control will last, so if any of you have any tips on how to NOT stuff my face, I appreciate you. :) I have not done such a fabulous job when it comes to holiday parties and the delicious drinks being served... hence the cardio :)
Until we sweat again!!