Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jillian Michaels is the DEVIL.

This woman. This one right here. I hate her. Not because she made me work hard, or because she yelled at me in that SUPER manly voice the whole video. I hate her because she just yammered on the Whole. Time.

Let me back this up for you.

I did Ripped in 30 with my mom this morning, a video that boasts that its users will see "Ripped" results in just 30 days! Jillian even says "I wouldn't lie to you."

My issue with that statement is an entirely different story. (Even P-90X and Insanity don't pretend to offer those results and they are 4 times more difficult and 3 times longer.)

My issue with Jillian is that, while her two lovely little helper gals are busting their buns, she is walking around them, shoving her boobs in their faces and saying "Come on you can push harder!!"

At least when Shawn T was yelling that at me, he was also DOING THE WORKOUT.

I don't have only negative remarks about Jillian. (I'm not a Negative Nancy yet.)
I did enjoy the amount of work necessary to successfully complete today's video. I could feel the burn throughout my entire body and I was definitely sweating up a storm.
See? Sweaty McSweaterton
I also loved the fact that even though Jillian didn't participate in the workout, she acknowledged how difficult it was and how much work we put into it. No bull honky smiles about "Now wasn't that FUN!?!?"

No. No it wasn't fun. This is a workout, not checkers. If I felt like it was fun, I would feel like I didn't do my workout correctly. I want to be collapsed on the ground, struggling to catch my breath, and cursing the monster that talked me into getting fit. (It was Fat Me, btw.)

Jillian isn't all that bad... I guess.

Until we sweat again!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cold Weather, Hot Bods

So its the end of October and holy canoli is it fa-reezing. But that doesn't mean that working out is behind us. If anything, it should make you push harder!

Summer 2014, but you get the picture.
I had honestly never thought of it that way, but really if someone can make another human being in 9 months, you should be able to make YOURSELF in 9 months. (And now I have Incubus stuck in my head.)

As I was about to step outside for my morning run today, my sister said she thought I was crazy for wearing capri workout pants because its just downright cold outside. She may have had a point, because I was chilled to the bone within minutes, but it only made me push harder- to warm myself up. If I ran faster and pushed harder, my blood would get to pumping and I would feel toasty in no time. And that worked for me! For the time that I ran this morning, I pushed myself until it felt like my lungs would burst from all of the cold air I was sucking in, and then I pushed myself some more. I pushed until I eventually was stumbling forward, the car passing me looking at me like they thought maybe I was dying, and when I got turned around to head home, I picked up the pace again and pushed myself all the way back. Even when Pandora stopped Britney Spears midway through her song, and I cursed and threw a miniature fit as I was forced to listen to classical music on my run, I still ran.

Its true that your body can generally do way more than your mind wants to believe. I will be completely honest- I stopped running not when I was exhausted, but when I thought that running any farther would just suck. So I stopped. And it seriously ticked me off. The plan is to workout again later today because I'm upset with myself for not sticking it out and running longer. I could have been more worn out when I quit. I SHOULD have been. And tonight when I workout in my sister's basement and slowly take her stairs 2 at a time over and over and over again, I'll think "I could be doing this as a bonus to my day, not to finish my first workout." I won't think of it as a punishment, because a workout should never be thought of as a punishment. I'll think of it was extra credit work because I didn't do it right the first time. Extra time that could have been used the same way- but for better results.

You only ever regret the workouts you don't do- or the ones you don't do to your full potential.

Until we sweat again

Monday, October 7, 2013

Colorful Shenanigans

Hey hey hey!
(More emphasis on the second "hey"... I'll wait while you try it again.)

All better? Good!

I ran my very first 5K!!!!!

Okay, so I walked about half of it, but I got my booty off the couch and that's a whole lot better than nothing! And it was so much fun!!!! Let me tell you all about it with PICTURES!!!!

I ran with my beautiful friend, Rachael. Her momma came out (with all of her kids AND Rachael's!!!) and supported us!
What a champ. Seriously.

We met some great people before the race even started..... Like these lovely ladies...
Sorry its all crooked faced!!
Then we waited in registration to get our cute new v-necks (my brother would be SO jealous), our race numbers, tattoos, and COLOR PACKETS!!!! Then we took turns making each other all pink and purple-y.
Mmmmm. Mouthful of chalk :)
We almost missed the race because, well, we were rushed and a gal's gotta potty when a gal's gotta potty, but we booked it out of those portapotties and we flew past all those slow pokes with baby strollers (Yay for those mommas!!!).
Aaaand here we are running!!
At this point, we had gone through 2 or 3 color stations, one of which was liquid dye... wasn't quite ready for that one. But look how colorful we are already!

We ran for what actually didn't feel like that long. We got to pass a Clydesdale Horse (or some leg warmers that looked like one), we passed princesses and Superman, Moms, Dads, wee ones, old ones, and of course- People of every COLOR!! (Pun intended.)
That's right. We're gorgeous.
That final stretch of grass to get to the finish line made me feel like I was going to roll my ankle just yards away from that final blast of color, which admittedly made me run slower and more carefully because let's be real- I have to run another one of these things this weekend. I don't need to be rolling my ankle just yet. (Or ever. OW.) But we made it to the end, Rachael faster than I and me apparently getting pelted with more chalk (I was told I looked like Shrek's Wife).

All in all, this was a blast! I can't wait to run it again in Sioux City this weekend and of course I recommend doing it- whether you've done it once already or not. I'll post more pics of my next Color Me Rad run soon!!

Until we sweat again!!!