Thursday, May 5, 2011

Go Visit Maddie!

Okay- so since I've been posting a lot about eating healthy, I've also noticed that I am terrible at it. I eat corn dogs, and rice krispie treats, and spaghetti (all the time), and a million other treats that are horrible for me.

Enter Maddie Essig.

Maddie is a friend of mine originally from Mitchell, South Dakota. She goes to school back in my home town now and has the cutest personality ever. But more importantly, Maddie knows all about how hard it can be to eat healthy- especially in college- and she has some tricks for everyone to try!

At the risk of loosing any readers I do have, I'm inviting you all to start checking out Maddie's blog, Right now she's in the middle of a series called "College Eats". You'll have to read her blog for all of the information, but its basically giving you an idea of a grocery list, how to do your shopping, what cooking tools are a must have, and what your healthiest options are. For instance, she gives you the pros and cons of buying organic, and tells you which groceries should be bought organic, and which groceries are OK if they're just grown normally. I encourage all of you to go check it out- the worst that will happen is you'll know a little more about eating healthy!

Good luck meeting those summer goals, ladies!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Breaking News!!!

I officially hate dieting.

Its okay to say it out loud. Everyone hates dieting. I was in the car with Will, complaining about dieting and not getting to eat doughnuts and snickers ice cream and all of the junk food I love so much, when he pointed it out to me. All he had to say was "No one likes dieting. Do you think any one wakes up and goes 'Yes! I get to start dieting today!'"

He hit the nail right on the head. No one enjoys having to cut back on all of the fatty, delicious foods. And I think we should all admit that. Let me be the first to say it out loud-

I miss doughnuts!!
I miss the chocolate glaze and I miss the colorful little sprinkles on top! I would seriously go postal and kick some major butt for a doughnut at this point.

But I'm also discovering some healthier snacks. (Thank goodness) Like this one: just a sliced up green bell pepper. (or a red one) It's crisp, it's crunchy, it's delicious- and it's good for you! Also: KIWIS!!! Yum. Seriously.

If any of you need to just get it out, let me know what you miss eating the most- and then tell me your favorite healthy snack! I promise- knowing someone else is suffering right along side you is going to help!!

Keep up the good work, ladies!