Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Move Your Legs.

Those of you that know me personally know that I am not a fan of running. Oh, I'm a HUGE fan of the cute running half pants with my matching running top and cute, pink running shoes. However, running was designed by the devil himself, and I absolutely hate it.

So I obviously had to run a 5K.

I found myself in State Center, with my dear sister and her relatives, for the Rose Festival 5K walk/run. (Admittedly, I took the walk/run part to heart and did, in fact, walk some portions. So sue me.)

The route wound all over the place, which is to be expected in such a small town, but it was also filled with people cheering the competitors on, passing out water, snapping photos- it was overall an incredible experience!

And, drum roll please......


I actually won a medal in something sports related!! This boost of confidence led to even more running this week at the West High track while the baby brother had his own workout.

Look at all the sweatiness :)

With all this running, I've gained my new mantra. "Breathe. Move your Legs." The only catch is you have to say it to the tune of Justin Timberlake's "Dance. Don't hold the wall." (Do it, you'll laugh.)

Also, SUPER confidence booster of the week (or several, rather) was visiting State Center in my high wasted shorts and crop top and having all my old friends stopping me and telling me how much tinier I looked.

Woot freaking woot!!!
Still trying to build up my endurance for this competition in July, so wish me luck!!

Until we sweat again!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bikini Pics

I'm just going to be straightforward with this post- I am posting pictures of myself in a bikini. Some of these you may have already seen from older posts (Think 2012 before I was single). Its been awhile, and if you have stuck with me since then, wow are you a trooper!!

Skipping all the witty banter, let's just get down to it...

These were before and HOLY CRAP I had no idea I looked like that at the time. Just.... wow. No thank you.

Admittedly, its not a HUGE transformation from chubby to straight up skin and bones, but I am pretty proud of my progress!!

And to add to the excitement- I have signed up for my very first Crossfit competition in Okoboji!!! The competition is July 27th which only gives me a few weeks to get myself whipped into tip top shape and I can't even begin to describe 1) How daunting that task is, and 2) how unbelievable excited I am!!! 

Shout out to my trainers Danny and Taryn for sticking with my chubby self until I was no longer a super chunk.. and still believing in me. You guys rock :) And another HUGE shout out to my family (especially my parents) for putting up with my crazy dietary needs and constant need to be at the gym. I love you for it :)

Until we sweat again!!