Tuesday, December 30, 2014

If you look pretty, you're doing it WRONG

This was me right after my workout today....

This was the next picture I took, so everyone would think I look fantastic after my workout...

And this was the picture I took to show I was reppin' some XFit-712 today...

This was the workout out I did that made me look so sweaty- and that pumped me up enough that I thought the first picture was even necessary....

It was NOT fun.
I will not even lie- this workout kicked my butt. I HATE burpees with a fiery passion, the uppercuts just made me feel silly, and the last two minutes of jogging in place felt a little redundant after the high intensity of the rest of the workout.

However, even after the 2 minutes of jogging, my heart was pounding out of my chest- and I swear I could feel my blood being force fed clean oxygen. In a word, I felt Alive.

I was in a super crummy mood when I put on my workout gear, and I was about to be all "Screw this, I'm mope-y" and just bail on the whole thing, but then I thought, "I'll feel better if I just get a good workout in. I'm just going to do it."

And I did.

And now I feel INCREDIBLE.

Granted, I could look a little better. But isn't that what they tell you? If you look pretty after working out, you're doing it wrong. My hair started off in this cute french braid that wrapped around the back of my head, but then it started to get frizzy... and then the pony tail wouldn't stay up... and then the bun fell out about 4 times... so then I looked like a crazy woman, with crimped hair flying all over the place and in my face while I was on the ground doing my burpees, and swinging into my mouth while I jogged in place.

Could you imagine what my workout would have been like if I was worried about how good I looked by the end?

I can- and it goes like this:
45 Jumping Jacks? Nope. I'll just do really slow high knees.
Side to Side Jumps? Ha! I'll just step side to side.
BURPEES? How about slow squats.
High knees kicks? ....yeah okay.
Butt Kicks? Too bouncy. More slow high knees.
No. More. Jumping jacks. HIGH KNEES!
I can march in place.
....I can march in place some more.
Burpees again? You mean MORE squats?
Mountain Climbers? I could just reach up and turn the light on and off over & over instead, right?
Aaaaand more squats.
2 minutes of marching and done!

I wouldn't have been very sweaty, if at all, my hair would be perfectly in place, and I would have wasted my time completely.

Don't waste your workout worrying what someone else is going to think of you- you shouldn't get pretty to workout, you should be working out to get pretty. (That and I can't think of a single guy that would rather talk to the girl that's lifting 2 lb. weights and giggling the whole time she works out over the girl that's sweating like a pig and is actually putting forth an effort. Let's be real.)

Am I rambling again? I am!

Kick it into high gear, ladies and gentlemen! The New Year is approaching and I know you can all get fit with me!

Until we sweat again!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Get Excited

And one month later....

Hey, readers!! It's been a month since I made the announcement of the non-pregnancy, and I'm sure you're all wondering what's happened since then!

I have been running like a crazy person chasing 5 year olds.

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get a good, solid workout in when you work 3 jobs? Because it really takes a huge chunk out of your day.

My main job, as a paraeducator, is where I get my workout in. *Insert "whaaaaaa??" here* Turns out 5 year olds have CRAZY amounts of energy, and they get 3 recesses a day- recesses I have to be outside with them for. I used to just walk around making sure no one killed anyone else, but then it hit me- I want time outside? Done. I want a personal motivator? I've got 150.

So we took to the field.

Every recess, I have at least 30 of the kindergarteners following me across the field as we run, lunge, goose step (complete with honking), crab walk, bunny hop, skip, gallop, and high knee (robot as they say) our way from one end of the field to the other. We sprint to see who can get there before me. They come up with the craziest ideas to get me as worn out as they can.

And I love it.

However, what else can I do? It's winter break. I have 2 weeks of nothing- no field, no kids to push me and to make it a game. That's where my wonderful sister comes in.

My sister has forced me to participate in Insanity with her workout group this past week. (oh yeah- welcome back, Shaun T.)

I hurt- but then I also realized the more I workout, the less it hurts.

Which then led me to get excited about it- and buy some super cute workout clothes. (Okay yoga leggings.. but who cares. I love them.)

Srsly. Adorable.

And this morning, I even woke up at 6:30 to get on the elliptical!!

It's been a snowball effect! All it took was one spark of inspiration for a workout, and with the help of 150 five year olds, one older sister, and some super cute clothes- I finally feel like I'm back in the groove!

What's my point? My point is to get excited about it! If you wake up dreading the workout, you'll eventually stop wanting to do it at all. If you constantly think "Ugh- I hate my workout clothes. They're so ugly."... get some cute workout gear! Download some fun music JUST FOR YOUR WORKOUT so you can look forward to hearing those songs just at those times. GET EXCITED!!! This is an incredible thing you're doing for your body, so stop looking at it like a chore and start looking it at like something you are looking forward to treating yourself to!

Until we sweat again!!