Monday, March 11, 2013


Go turn on Scream and Shout by Will.I.Am and The Britney Spears.
For no other reason than it being a freaking phenomenal song.

Hello there, my interweb friends!!

I know, I know. That last time I blogged was a month ago. However, in that time I've been working a full time job and let's all be real- I am incapable of accomplishing more than one job at a time, and working out can feel like a full time job sometimes.

I have successfully maintained my weight (although I'm not sure how because good lord can I go through a basket of onion rings...) but I have been told by my lady doctor that its in my best interest to keep on workin' it out like a BOSS because a) a healthy lady is always attractive, and b) I am past the age where eating fried foods and sitting on my ass is a good combo.

At 23: I never thought I'd still look this good.
I never thought I'd feel this sexy.
I never thought I'd look in a mirror and actually say out loud "damn I'm small."

Now, some of you might disagree with me, and to you I say, "I'm not working out to please YOU. I'm doing it for ME. And to ME, I look damn fabulous."

*Steps off soap box*

TODAY: I did the "I Love My Arms" workout, since as a bartender you see my arms moving all over the place, and no one wants to tip a flabby arm.

That's what's up!!!

I also did 100 jumping jacks, 50 butt kicks, 50 high knees, 40 lunges, and 40 squats. (My butt is going to be PHENOMENAL.)

What have you done lately to make yourself look HOT???

Let me know, kidlets! Until we sweat again!!