Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Numb Buns

Holy Canoli, has it really been 2 months!? Yeesh! It's pretty darn clear I've been needing to get my booty into the gym and I can tell you something- it was pretty clear I hadn't been in awhile.

Today, at the good old neighborhood Crossfit, I caught a LOT of flack for not having been in awhile. (That's what happens when you ditch your workout family unexpectedly after preparing for a competition... oops!)

I'm sure you're all just dying for the rundown- who doesn't want to live vicariously through a totally out of shape fitness nerd?

The warm up- I repeat WARM UP- was sprinting up a hill 8 times.....

I'm just going to let that one sink in.....

Sprinting. Up a hill. 8. Times.

I can't even feel my butt right now.

My legs were basically Jell-o. I probably sounded like I was having some major respiratory failure by the time I finished (or, you know, 2 times up). It was brutal. And that was just the WARM UP.

Enter the actual WOD.

We had a 10 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible for you blog newbies), in which one round consisted of 5 push ups, 10 burpees, 15 box jumps, and 20 singles (jump ropes).

I made it through 2 rounds plus an extra 24 into the next round. It was awful. I've learned my lesson.

However, after, I asked Taryn to do my measurements to see just how much I'd slid backward, and measured my body fat percentage to determine how much fat I'd packed on in 2 months. (I was cringing the whole time.)

Here are my results from right before the competition in July:

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. Now, a very dramatic and drawn out drum roll please....

Today's results!

Admittedly, it's super hard to read. My bad on the picture taking. However, I can break it down for you!

           July                                                                   September
L. Arm: 9 7/8 in.                                                          10 in.
     Flex: 10 3/4 in.                                                       10 1/2 in.
R. Arm: 10 in.                                                              10 in.
     Flex:11 1/8 in.                                                        10 7/8 in.
   Chest: 33 in.                                                               32 1/8 in.
Natural Waist: 28 5/8 in.                                              28 in.
   Hips: 34 1/4 in.                                                           34 3/4 in.
L. Leg: 20 1/4 in                                                           19 in.
R. Leg: 20 5/8 in.                                                          20 in.
 Body Fat: 25.3%                                                           25.6%

Freaking. BOOM. Did I lose some muscle? You betcha. Did I gain some fat? Yes. (Only .3%. Woot. Woot.) But check out those waist and chest measurements. LOSING in those areas when I'm being a bum!? I'll take it!!

And this was supposed to be my post-workout selfie (as per usual) but Eren wanted to take it for me!

Ignore my icky shirt. It was allowed to be cut up for a reason :)

I'm so excited to be back in the gym and can't wait to share my progress with you, loyal readers!

Until we sweat again!!