Friday, October 17, 2014

"We Are Here, We Are Here, We Are Here!!!"

Hey readers!!
(If you still exist)

I've gotten myself into an AWFUL workout slump- so much so that I have the dreaded.....
Return of the Pouch. 

*Collective gasp*

I have this tiny little pouch of pure fat that has settled in on my had-been-completely-flat midsection. This is rather irksome as I had worked that off with all of my blood, sweat, and tears. (Literally all three. It was gross and depressing- and then the payoff rocked.)

But NOW- the payoff has ceased to exist.

Here's the low down....

I NEED YOU, readers!!!

I need to know that my blog can still help someone else; that my workouts and all my meal prep for my healthy eats are helping someone other than myself.

If you know me IRL at all, then you know that I like to help other people. Just ask my coworkers!!
(Some people call it being a Suck Up. I call it job security.)
I just have a hard time doing something if I'm the only one benefitting from it, and since Winter is Coming, I won't have the motivation of showing off my hot bod at the pool to give everyone else the inspiration they need to be amazing!!!
(I'm kidding..... kind of.)

So, my dear readership- if you are still out there, make some noise and let the whole Jungle of Nool know that you exist!!!!

Also- the first reader that responds (either on Facebook or through BlogSpot) with the titles of the 2 nerdy movie/TV show references made in this post will get to choose my first grueling workout back, which I will have to provide a small video excerpt of as proof!
(Don't get too uber excited- You'll be picking from a pre-approved list. No climbing Mt. Everest or running 6 miles just yet.)
Bonus points if you get 3 references out of this mess. :)

Until we sweat again!