Saturday, March 14, 2015

Thanks to Me

Recently, I read a quote that went a little something like this...

At first, I took this as "Put down the donut. Your future self will thank you for not giving her crippling abdominal pain and bloating."

Then, it slowly morphed into, "Take the stairs- it'll hurt later, but your future self is going to have a great butt!"

Finally, I arrived to Monday- when I took one look at the beautiful weather and thought "....A run actually sounds kind of good..."

Well, my past self was thinking of my future self and they tag teamed up for this little photo op:

A great big THANKS to me!!

Pay no attention to me wearing virtually the EXACT same outfit.....

That's right- I high-fived myself 6 days apart!! 

Since that first day, I've been trying to get myself out to run just 1 mile every day- and so far I've been off to a good start! But I have to give a giant shout out to past me, because if I hadn't started that first day, I wouldn't be running still. (Which you all know is something I normally loathe entirely.)

You have to go back and read that in the Grinch's voice, btw.
What's something you plan on doing for YOUR future self? Comment on here or on Facebook- or better yet, tell a friend! Get them inspired to join you! Suffer together!!!

Until we sweat again!!

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